About Us

A quick intro about what banjaaran stands for

Since ‘Banjaaran’ was founded, it has been about taking inspiration from what is local and truly represents India. Over the years, we collaborated with artisans from Kutch, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh for textiles and finishes with excellent craftsmanship. Our journey has been like the art journal of an explorer’s unending odyssey- traveling from one place to another. As ‘Banjaaran’ grew with time, our ideologies matured too. In 2017, when MONSTER TRIBE was launched, was encouraged by the need to express and to create a safe backdrop for everyone to do so with strength, courage, and dignity. This was when we truly began to celebrate and honor ‘uprising’ and expression. Today, we identify as a label that stands by the value of creating and promoting handcrafted techniques and products inspired by stories of courage, perseverance, and determination.

We Identify as India’s Handcrafted Rebellion.

Wearing a pair of handmade shoes is a conscious choice for someone who values craft, history, time, and tradition. We at Banjaaran, translate these values to our shoes- crafted using artisan production techniques- handed down to generations. Our designs organically reflect our love of contrast and are meticulously crafted in pursuit of a perfect balance between construction and creativity.

“For us, the craftsmanship of making shoes is synonymous with art”.