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Like a warm embrace from the universe of Banjaaran, ‘December’ is the first winter wear collection from our studio.


Shoe artistry that meets the epitome of ‘luxury’, ‘SAVAGE’ features handcrafted shoes that are a fusion of our bold aesthetic with immaculate construction. Feral and untamed- ‘SAVAGE’ is a tangible representation of ferociousness

False Face

False Face’ is a collection of wearable art shoes, inspired by this collision of self-expression and self-control.

Le Jardin

With Le Jardin, Banjaaran invites you to immerse yourself in a lush garden. Depicting an original garden with fantastic fauna, the hand-embroidered statement pieces resemble the abundance of a blooming scape.


Modern yet universal, houndstooth is a print that never loses its luster.
Known for its black and white timeless appeal, the textile merges seamlessly with leather craft to form this collection.


An extraordinary collaboration between craft and design, this collection embodies the essence of our design ideologies. Crafted using textiles by artisans from Kutch- India, each pair is then finished by experienced leather craftsmen at Banjaaran Studio.

Mad Mob

Set against a backdrop of our dreams and fears coming to life, the collection is an ode to our animated imaginations.

Beast Punk

Raging and dynamic- the limited edition ‘BEAST PUNK’ collection has embroidered motif details in bold hues.


Each handcrafted article in the Core collection is a flamboyant urban expression, a modern silhouette envisioned with a Banjaaran twist.


Nodum stands for the ‘knot’. Exquisitely imaginative and extravagant, the Nodum capsule collection is handcrafted using Tie-Dyed leather.


Designed for the bold and fierce, the cranium collection bears a contemporary silhouette and is punctuated with savage skull embellishments in brass finish.


Banjaaran ikat collection tells a versatile tale of a modern silhouette fused with traditional fabric. The rustic palette makes it an expertly handcrafted option to add to your daywear casual ensembles.


Texo means to weave. Our texo collection is a twist on a classic, and impeccably constructed statement piece finished with painstaking details.